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You will still be able to operate your lock via the app during the update.

Firmware updates can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

An actively-developed version can be found here: Please check them out instead. ckb is an open-source driver for Corsair keyboards and mice.

It aims to bring the features of their proprietary CUE software to the Linux and Mac operating systems. Disclaimer: ckb is not an official Corsair product.

Because I had a lot of trouble with the 8ms settings for my K95RGB, I tried to double this delay. My suggestion is that we use that increased setting and observe whether we get a timing problem elsewhere.

If you are interested: I have several logfiles from the usb communication to show with wireshark or vusb-analyzer The following info may be helpful for our users in the file.

I simply do not have the time to work on it anymore.

HPE Pro Liant Gen10 Servers support the optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM).Once complete, you will get a notification letting you know that the lock update was successful. You can check the firmware version on the app under Lock Settings. Select your lock and navigate to Firmware Version, where you'll be able to view your firmware version.The most recent firmware is Can I operate my lock during the update?UEFI provides a higher level of security by protecting against unauthorized operating systems and malware rootkit attacks, validating that only authenticated ROMs, pre-boot applications, and OS boot loaders that have been digitally signed are run. All UEFI drivers, OS boot loaders, and UEFI applications are digitally signed and binaries are verified using a set of embedded trusted keys.Only validated and authorized components are executed.In addition, most HPE Pro Liant Gen9 and Gen10 Server are UEFI Class 2 solution, supporting both Legacy BIOS boot and UEFI boot modes, providing users the flexibility to switch between modes.


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