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And this desire to avenge made her unrivaled spy: flexible, quiet, almost invisible. Tomorrow he will have to prove all the Outlander that he can return the lands from which they were expelled. It was obvious that he had inherited from Skara only madness in Kovu arose periodically doubts about whether he understands the full extent of his brother seriousness of the situation.

But if I had to cut wood or sawn timber, then no injury here did not break.

- And you can wear a T-shirt just like that, without having to wait and go dry?

And all this time, her mother Zira Kovu black heart filled with hatred Simba. Withania newly awakened Kovu playfully pushed her, she slid off his chest, and withheld start going downhill, but deftly izvernuvshis, Withania grabbed his brother’s leg, and he followed her.

Although Zira tomorrow planned my whole life-in its plan still had a few “BUT” If Kovu can convince the princess that he saved her from the fire would be his ticket into enemy territory, but if Kiyara grown too smart, and deceive her not succeed, it would mean a complete failure, so his life was in vain … Tomorrow everything depended on the coherence of the team.


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