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there are a couple of gay bars in Basel that I've seen; are they any good? It can even be in French, I have some basics Thanks.

They're of the old-skool kind where you can't see inside without going through a couple of doors and actually entering the bar. Those bars that you've seen in Basel are about as exciting as folding old gym socks. You might be better off at the gay night (Tues) at the Kaserne. Hi, I am at Geneve during summer too (contact me if you read this, dutchguy - I'm at Cern too ) but I'm not the kind of guy who goes do gay-bar alone ...

These are photos after she got surgery to became girl. Seem like most people here not interest in this topic, Hehe!!

The analogy to race is the minstrel singer, or any form of blackface. I've heard a trans friend bitch about Milton Berle, but not Robin Williams or frat games.It's quite offensive to most blacks--most Americans, for that matter. I don't understand the distinction, if there is one. That would be the analogy if women were objecting to drag queens (which sometimes happens).If this level of whimsical crossdressing is offensive to trans folks, those trans folks need to get a grip: it's not stereotyping them, it's humans making a natural joke based on upsetting expectations.Cross dressing for humor is generally intended to mock gender stereotypes and expectations. It sounds like - as with most drag - it's mocking fixed gender roles, not transgendered people.Sex slave online games Anything possible that's a good conversation. Dodge bullets slave bi every just sex, he had friends and no wanted.This means I'll be living in this nice city for a few months, and I would like to meet some gay people during that time, as I am gay myself. What sites should I visit and what would be my best way into the Genevan gay scene?


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