Lister d engine dating dating in the uk versus us

This gives the engine some work to do as they don't like just running off load, they tend to soot up. The black box behind the belt driven dynamo is the voltage regulator.

I call this engine my "old faithful" as it starts easily and will quite happily chug away all day, as long as the water and fuel are kept topped up. I have this set to something just below 12 volts in order to prolong the life of the lamps.

1865 James Bazeley Petter received the ironmongery firm Harman and Gillett in Yeovil as a wedding present from his father.

He later acquired the Yeovil Foundry and Engineering Works. It was there that two of his children, the twins Ernest and Percival, designed and built a self propelled oil engine in 1892 .

The engine itself looks like a D but is it possible it is a different model? If those are not there you will maybe if you are lucky find the number on the flywheel .

This web publication contains 124,863 pages of information and 194,648 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.This clip shows you all around the engine while it's running.Lister D Video Clip 02 This clip shows the engine running, from the flywheel side.If you have a GMX e-mail, please consider using another provider to register with, otherwise you will never receive any e-mails, including the activation link you must click to finalise your membership. Exclusively for LEF members, an ideal alternative to Photobucket, Flickr, etc. Link to Peter's web page down to engine number 643 of year produced, LR = model, 1=number of cylinders, then 18 plus 1950 = 1968 production year. One other thing I forgot to mention was that there is a radiator (brass) with this engine. Paul There should be two brass plates on the crankcase inspection door Paul .2.5 gallon fuel tank suitable for Lister LD, LR, SL, SR & ST 2 & 3 cylinder engines.


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