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Grace Bible College, which was started in the US and has opened branches around the world, will officially honour him tomorrow at his church.“I don’t know what they will call me now because I am already a doctor, because I was honoured before,” Madikizela quipped.Taryn and I arrived home in Gaborone after two weeks in South Africa with our Mennonite Church Canada Witness and Mennonite Church USA Network colleagues.We had a great time with them, and it was encouraging to be able to hear about the work that they have all been engaged in here in southern Africa, much of which bears relevance to our own context and expectations in Botswana.In particular with Andrew and Karen Suderman as they engage relationally and academically with peace and reconciliation issues and the role of the church in South Africa, through the Anabaptist Network in South Africa (ANi SA), and with Joe and Anna Sawatzky who are facilitating a Christian college for the education of indigenous church leaders in and around Mthata, also in South Africa. I bit the bottom of a pool to knock my front tooth out once again (I’ve managed to break that tooth on a stone during street hockey, a sidewalk while rollerblading, the Niagara River while jumping out of a tree, and on a piece of bacon offered to me by my brother-in-law Keith.Thanks Keith.), but also emerged as the winner of the prestigious Goulet Award as champion of the retreat heptathalon, so it all balanced out in my favor, I think.

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Taryn and I now walked into the BTC offices in order to find out where we were in the mix in regards to service, as we had now been waiting for about a month (understandable, as we had been waiting over Christmas).“The theology doctorate is in honour of his long, unbroken service and dedication to the church.The church is very blessed to have such a powerful evangelist.He has been through so much but has never lost his faith.” To celebrate tomorrow’s event, Madikizela has planned a big feast for which two cows will be slaughtered. “They keep asking me what makes me not have someone to love me while others are being loved.There seems to be no stopping the 83-year-old as he preaches every day of the week. Most people are always looking for personal gain but I do not care about that as long as I serve God.” Asked what his biggest challenges over the years had been, Madikizela said it was women trying to seduce him. Not a single day after my wife died did I ever have a woman.King Shaka International Airport is 110.6 miles away.


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