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Zorak is a main character in the series Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Cartoon Planet, and The Brak Show. Martin Croker who also animates and does voices for several Williams Street Series.

Zorak first appeared in the episode of Space Ghost in 1966, entitled "The Challenge" He looked pretty similar to how he does today.

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(Moto GP may be regarded as the top tier of motorcycle racing in the world, but in my opinion, WSBK has offered a far better racing spectacle for fans in the past few years.) You read that correctly. And yes, I know — if you have a DVR, commercials are less annoying than they are if you watch live.

The biggest problem that I and most fans have had with the way SPEED used to broadcast these races is that, even though they weren’t airing them live, it seemed like they genuinely did not care when or where they stuck their commercial breaks into the broadcast.

The author is simply a motorsports fan giving an honest opinion.] For world motorsport fans in the U.

S., the name of the game for quite a few years was SPEED. They’re no longer showing F1; instead, it has been picked up by NBC Sports (which thankfully kept most of the commentary team we’d been enjoying for several seasons on SPEED). You have no excuse if you read spoilers and are upset about it.


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In a commentary on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Clay said the new voice is Zorak's real voice. Zorak comes from the planet Dokar, as mentioned in the original 60s Space Ghost series.

He left his home planet along with a whole troop of henchmen, headed for galactic conquest until he was caught by Space Ghost and put in the Omegan Prison.

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