Virtual chat bots

One may think that Chatbots are simply technology of the past, but there are still some interesting chatbots you’ll want to add to your MSN and Gtalk just for fun.

Ok, maybe not for fun, they do have some neat features that’ll keep you productive. There are a few handy Chatbots available for Gtalk that you won’t want to miss, because they can really speed up your tasks.

That means people are equally likely to contact a retailer by phone or use a chatbot and more likely to use a chatbot than to contact a retailer via email (27 percent).

As of September, there were 30,000 chatbots on Facebook.

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Remember to check out other features of this bot with the /help command.One of the earliest chatterbots in existence dated all the way back to the 1960s.Fast forward five decades later, chatterbots, or chatbots for short, have come a long, long way and are no longer just capable of making small talk and responding in incoherent sentences.The future, apparently, will be ruled by imaginary friends — “chat bots” that lack physical form but can do everything from ordering the perfect pair of shoes to comforting us in times of trial.We will interact with these bots via voice and by text, and their artificial intelligence (AI) and comprehensive knowledge about everything we do will give them the power to know us better than we know ourselves.No, not the kind of chatbots that have been around for donkeys’ years, adding robotic interjections to irreverent chatrooms when the Internet was a niche playground just for nerds. Here’s my take: this latest wave of chatbots will not live up to their paradigm shifting billing.


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