Your dating spot dtw

I said no thanks and went to Alamo, where they don't hold the additional charge and they don't try to trick you into insurance that heavily inflates the rental cost.

Head over to the bar for some drinks and a chance to chat, or slide into a booth where friends can join in the conversation. Detroit, MI 48208 (313) 285-8332 this is where to go to meet guys.

What makes Bigalora’s food great (besides the taste) is head chef Luciano Del Signore’s commitment to using only the freshest, local ingredients.

When deciding where to take out that special someone, head to the city.

Got in around am and waited for the shuttle a while until the Hertz guy came over and said Dollar closes at 1 am. Dollar tricks you into saying yes to insurance that is not mandatory.

Hertz saved the day and honored our reservation but what terrible customer service!! For me, that resulted in a rental cost that was nearly three times what appeared in the online reservation.


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